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Stainless Steel 6" Bazooka Screen

Stainless Steel 6" Bazooka Screen

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There are many ways to collect the clear wort from all the sediment in the brew kettle. While some people prefer to use false bottoms, others use bazooka screens. A bazooka screen is ideally used as a filter screen for the brewing kettle or mash tun. It comes with the necessary pipe threads and clamps to install it in place. 

This particular bazooka screen is made from stainless steel construction thus it can last for a long time. It is effective in screening the sediments that are products of the boiling process of making beer. The bazooka screen comes with a fine mesh that has 16 wires per inch. The fine mesh collects the sediments effectively so that it does not mix with the clear wort. 

The bazooka screen has a length of 6 inches and a diameter of 1 inch which allows it to hold back and filter moderate amounts of hops. To install the bazooka screen, the package also comes with a 1/2" coupler that allows you to connect it to a spigot or ball valve. If the brew kettle does not have spigot, you will need to drill a hole in your brew pot (if it does not already have one) in order to insert a spigot/ball valve to attach the bazooka screen. 

The challenge with a bazooka screen is that it may result to a less effective extraction from the grain bed. Moreover, pellet hops will also adhere to the screen which affects the flow of the wort out of the spigot. To remedy this, using leaf hops is better as they does not stick to the mesh. 

To clean the bazooka screen, simply remove it from the spigot and rinse it off under a steady stream of water to remove the stubborn sediment.

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