Collection: Beer of the Month Club

Find your new favourite beer with our Ontario Brewers' Showcase: Beer of the Month Club. Each month, we handpick twelve (12) exceptional beers you won't find at the LCBO, showcasing the vibrant beer scene in Ontario. From rich, full-bodied stouts to crisp, refreshing ales and innovative IPAs, this box offers a taste of the unique flavours and brewing styles of Ontario's local artisans.

Perfect for both seasoned beer aficionados and those eager to explore new brews, our selection is not only delicious but also supports Ontario's thriving community of local brewers. Subscribe to enjoy a new experience each month, as every box brings a fresh array of beers.

Plus a chocolate snack bar. To comply with provincial laws, our license requires each beer order is accompanied by a food item.

Please note: The beers shown represent the quality and style you'll receive, though the actual selection may vary. Expect a unique tasting experience with each box!

12 x 473 mL