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Stainless Steel 13g Weldless Brew Kettle pot - 13 Gallon (50L)

Stainless Steel 13g Weldless Brew Kettle pot - 13 Gallon (50L)

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This weldless brew kettle has a capacity of 13 (US) gallons (50L, 52 Quart). I

It features easy to grip well positioned ergonomic handles that are bolted to the kettle providing far sturdier handles opposed to flash welded ones that are traditionally found on kettles of this tier. 

Having the handles on the front and rear of the kettle localizes the protruding portions in two locations opposed to the traditional three. By having the front handle in line with the hardware you can move or re-position your kettle without having to worry about damaging the hardware.

This brew kettle features weldless connections, laser etched markings every gallon, a 2-piece stainless steel ball valve, in addition to a 2" probe thermometer (with the option to upgrade).

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