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Robobrew / Brewzilla Alco Engine Lid

Robobrew / Brewzilla Alco Engine Lid

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The AlcoEngine Copper Pot Still Condenser is traditionally used when distilling of whiskeys and gins. The unique V-design captures the vital esters, aldehydes, and phenolic compounds that help make your spirits fully flavoured and complex.

It can be fitted to both the grainfather and robobrew so long as you have the compatible alembic dome lids. Alternatively you can attach it to a commercial keg using a 2" TC Clamp. To do this you will need to remove the sanke spear and secure the condenser using the TC clamp while ensuring you have the included gasket in place between the condenser and your keg.

It includes a digital thermometer for keeping track of when the spirits will run.

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