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The JetKeg is an exclusive KegLand product that enables you to walk through a crowd and dispense a whole keg in far less time than what it would take for each person to come up to the bar.  It's a backpack designed to dispense and keep a keg cold.

Great for parties, public events, caterers, or any even that requires many drinks to be dispensed in a short period.

Ever been to a music festival and wanted to take your awesom kegged product but cant be bothered luging around all the gear.  The JetKeg solves this problem.  Turn up to the event with one of these and you will be an instant legend.

This product has been designed with durable buckles, strong nylon straps, waist strap and fully hot tape seamed internal lining that is waterproof so no dripping water all over the floor.

JetKeg Pack Includes:
1 x JetKeg Back Pack
1 x Black Nylon Pluto Gun (duotight compatible)
1 x 6.5mm x 8mm duotight reducer (for pluto gun)
1 x PreCut length of 4mm x 8mm EVABarrier Hose
Does not include gas fittings or disconnects/coupler

This product has been designed to take a 19L Corny Brewing Keg or a 20L commercial keg (pony keg) which are sold searpately.

The insulated bag will keep the keg cold for hours especially if you fill the bag with ice or alternatively use our sheets of Cryogelular cold pack gel which is also sold seprately.

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