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Growler Dispenser Kit

Growler Dispenser Kit

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Includes Lid, portable CO2 dispenser and Picnic tap.

This growler lid is made out of plastic and is designed to be used with "Glass Jug" Growlers. While attached to a glass jug it allows for the easy dispensing of your beer directly.

It features a manual 30 PSI relief valve, a 1/4" MFL connection, and a 1/4" OD barb.

Also included is a 22" silicone dip tube with a 1/4" ID that is designed to attach to the underside of the lid. The dip tube allows you to dispense when they are on their side while having the dip tube pick up still at the bottom.

The included silicone o-ring seals tight, preventing any leakage or contaminants.

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