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What is the Grainfather you ask? The Grainfather is a revolutionary all-grain brewing system which makes delicious all-grain beer easily! It is user friendly and packed with innovative features. It is the perfect brewing companion for both experienced and beginner all-grain brewers. It is designed to make up to 23 L of beer from one brew.

The new Connect control box has Bluetooth connection to your mobile device so it can be controlled remotely. This allows complete automation. Pre-set your mash schedule and temperatures. Even have your mash water ready when you wake up in the morning so you can immediately start your brew day! The new controller gives you more time to relax while brewing and it will alert you when it's time for the next step.

Already own a Grainfather? Great news! The new Connect Control Box can be purchased separately to upgrade your old system!

Grainfather Connect Control Box Features:
  • Control remotely with Bluetooth connection from your mobile device
  • Program multiple temperature rests for Step Mashing
  • Delayed Heating - wake up to waiting strike water and shorten your brew day!
  • Easily switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Waterproof graphic display
  • Adaptable mounting system allows it to be used with any current Grainfather
  • Can be used with the mobile device app or manually on the system
Grainfather Mobile Device App Features:
  • Grainfather recipes provided in app
  • Import Beer XML files and build your own recipes
  • Set your own boil temperature (for different altitudes)
  • Change between Celsius and Fahrenheit easily
  • Grainfather calculators provided in app


  • 8 gallon total capacity 
  • Stainless steel body with ~20 lb capacity expandable grain basket 
  • Magnetic drive pump (6 watt, 1800 RPM)
  • Pump filter keeps hops and grain in the boiler and your wort clear
  • Counter-flow wort chiller with copper inner coil 
  • Control box and display screen for manual temperature and pump control. 
  • Dual heating element (1600 watt and 400 watt) for quick heating or maintaining stable temperatures
  • Tempered glass lid for heating and visibility 
  • Top and mesh screen for the grain basket for even distribution of your sparge water 
  • Bottom mesh screen for to ensuring no grain enters the boiler area
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