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Carafa Special I

Carafa Special I

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Using Weyermann's unique process, the husks are carefully removed from selected grains before malting and roasting them. This reduces astringency and bitterness, while adding coffee-brown colour, a coffee-like bouquet, dark beer aroma, as well as body and mouth feel to finished beer but without introducing harshness. Even small amounts of Carafa Special malt in the grain bill produce dark beers of unusual smoothness and mildness with a firm, creamy, white head.

Carafa Special is ideal for Lagers, Dunkel, Doppelbock, Dark Ales, Stout, Schwarz and Altbier styles.

Malthouse: Weyermann

Lovibond: 300-375

55 lb Bag: Ask us about availability ( or call 905-419-BREW)

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