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Brewer's Pantry

Cream Ale

Cream Ale

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The Brewer's Pantry Cream Ale is a great sessionable beer available in both extract and all grain. Sweet corn flavours blend with a noticeable hop character in this straw colured refreshing brew. Our Cream Ale is a great Canadian "Lanmower Beer".

With proper fermentation techniques the Brewer's Pantry Cream Ale will make 5 gallons of beer at 5% abv.

Brew Kit Includes:

  • Liquid Malt Extract OR Barley Malt
  • Steeping Grains Or Specialty Grains
  • Aroma and bittering hops
  • Dry Yeast
  • Complete instructions

All our Ingredient Kits are made from fresh ingredients, prepared at the time of order. No boxes sitting around for who-knows-how-long - only the freshest, highest quality ingredients go in our kits!

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