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Brew-in-a-Bag with Handles (24" X 24")

Brew-in-a-Bag with Handles (24" X 24")

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Brew-in-a-Bag nylon straining bag. 24"x24".

  • Use again and again - not a throw-away bag
  • 1" wide polypropylene straps for easy pick up with a pulley or hook
  • Seams are on the outside - no particulates get trapped in the bag
  • We encourage the use of a plate chiller - the most efficient cooling option
  • Use it as your hop bag - but it must be suspended above the kettle bottom
  • Straps cover the seams and bear the strain on every use
  • Holds over 100 pounds of grain
  • Hand wash with an emulsifying dish soap like Dawn and drip dry
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