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Convert any freezer into a kegerator! Just plug the freezer into the outlet cord, place the gas-filled sensor in the area to be controlled and program the temperature. This manual thermostat simply turns off the freezer when it reaches the specified temperature. Other features include rotary dial temperature adjustment, a 6-foot power cord and a 6-foot outlet cord.

The A19AAT type thermostats are single-stage cooling controls with Single-Pole, Single-Throw (SPST) switches that open on temperature drop.

The A19AAT type thermostats are designed to override on-board refrigerator thermostats and provide accurate temperature control outside of the range of the on-board thermostats.

The A19AAT-2 model thermostat has an adjustable 20 to 80°F (-7 to 27°C) set point range, a fixed differential, and is enclosed in a rugged steel NEMA 1 enclosure.

  • Rotary Dial Adjustment
  • Gas-Filled Sensor
  • Sensor Tube Measures 1/16" in Diameter
  • 6' Power Cord
  • 6' Outlet Cord


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