Newport (1 oz)

Newport (1 oz)
Newport (1 oz)
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Bittering hop. Mild aroma. Fairly pungent, resiny flavor. An Oregon original derived from Brewers gold, Mittelfruh, Late Grape, Belgium 31, and Fuggle. Newport hops were bred as a potential replacement to Galena based on their resistance to mildew. Widely used by Rogue Brewery.

Country of Origin: U.S.A.

Substitutions: Galena

Chemical Composition:

Alpha Acids:     10-17 %
Beta Acids:     7.2-9.1 %
Cohumulone:     36-38 %
Myrcene:     47-54 %
Humulene:     .9-1 %
Caryophyllene:     4.5-7 %
Farnesene:     0-1 %

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