French Oak Chips (3.5oz). Light, medium or heavy toasted.

French Oak Chips (3.5oz). Light, medium or heavy toasted.
French Oak Chips (3.5oz). Light, medium or heavy toasted.
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Add natural and fresh Oak flavour to your beer or wine. French light oak will produce pleasant flavours of light coconut, vanilla and fruit. Typically used for wine, but can also work great in lighter beer styles, often in the Belgian styles. Farmhouse Ales, Saisons, Wheat Ales, Strong Ales, or Wild Sour Beer.


Barrel aging used to be the only choice for imparting oak flavour in beer or wine. Now with high quality oak cubes you can achieve the same quality of oak flavour by adding cubes to your carboy or steel tanks. Medium toasted French oak brings aromatic sweetness, a full mouthfeel and notes of fresh fruit, cinnamon and allspice. Look for undertones of creme brulee and milk chocolate. Cubes can be used as a single variety, or custom blend with different toasts and woods to achieve various effects.


Heavy toasted French Oak Cubes added to beer or wine will impart an aromatic sweetness, full mouthfeel, and notes of dark fruit, raisin, creme brulee, milk chocolate as well as intense campfire and roast coffee character. 

Add to your carboy or steel tank during fermentation or aging for a terrific oak flavour and aroma. 



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