Saaz (1lb)

Saaz (1lb)
Saaz (1lb)
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Aroma hop prized for its mild, pleasant flavor, and is the only choice for brewing an authentic Pilsner. Historically, hops from Saaz were considered among the finest in Europe, and were the backbone of the original Bohemian Pilsner.

Country of Origin: Czech

Substitutions: Tettnanger

Chemical Composition:
Alpha Acids:     3-6 %
Beta Acids:     3-8 %
Cohumulone:     23-28 %
Myrcene:     20-40 %
Humulene:     15-45 %
Caryophyllene:     10-12 %
Farnesene:     11-20 %
Total Oil:     0.4-1 %

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