Covid Response Plan

Covid Response Plan
Covid Response Plan
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These are very strange and challening times for all of us. As a business we must find new and resposible ways to deal with our customers in order to supply them the goods that they need, while ensuring a high level for safety for all involved. Starting on March 24, 2019 we will try to adapt our sales methods to provide this safety to all. 

1) If you are stuck at home contact us and we can go over some options to ensure you get delivery of your good!

2) We can now offer in store shopping. This is limited to one person at a time in the shop. Please knock on the front door and wait for us to let you in. Sanitize your hands and Stay home if you're sick. 

We will continue to keep the store clean and disenfected. As always please reach out to us by email, phone 905419-2739 or text 289-892-2278 and we would be more than happy to assist and adapt to any other needs you have. Once we can get this organized and running smooth, it won't seem so bad. We will continue to adapt as needed.


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