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When we launched the Growler in spring 2018, we definitely set out with the intention of covering all of Ontario. We live in an absolutely huge province, with fairly distinct regions, especially when it comes to craft beer. That meant our brewery directory had to grow progressively, one issue at a time.

First up, the GTA and Niagara, with their densely concentrated breweries seemed an apt place to start. Southwestern Ontario joined the directory for issue 2 and the third saw Ottawa and Eastern Ontario included.

We’re pleased as punch that the back half of our next issue will have listings for every craft brewery in Ontario. That means all corners from the Ottawa Valley to the Lake Erie shore to the Bruce Peninsula and up to Lake of the Woods is represented.

A quick word on what we mean by “every craft brewery”:

  • If a brewery sells beer in a bottle shop, to restaurants and bars or through the LCBO or The Beer Store, they are listed. Generally, if you need to be on premises to drink the beer they aren’t.
  • We mostly don’t list breweries who don’t have regular hours and only sell their beer at popups.
  • Former craft breweries that are now owned by conglomerate breweries are listed but we focus on their more interesting, non-industrial beer for their listings. Production-only facilities for craft brands owned by the macrobrewers that don’t have a storefront are not listed.
  • Contract brewing facilities are only listed if they make their own craft beer as well as beer for their clients.

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