Hallertau (1oz)

Hallertau (1oz)
Hallertau (1oz)
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The Hallertau, located in Bavaria, is Germany's most famous hop growing region. Aroma hop with a mild, pleasantly spicy aroma and flavor described simply as "noble" and characteristic of the great German lagers.

Country of Origin: Germany

Substitutes: Tettnanger

Chemical Composition:
Alpha Acids:     4.1-4.6 %
Beta Acids:     4.7 %
Cohumulone:     23-26 %
Myrcene:     15.5-17.5 %
Humulene:     55.1 %
Caryophyllene:     14.5-14.6 %
Farnesene:     less than 0.1 %
Total Oil:     1.0 %

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