East Kent Golding (1lb)

East Kent Golding (1lb)
East Kent Golding (1lb)
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The premier English aroma hop, an English landrace with a lineage going back to 1790. Ideal for bittering and finishing any kind of English ales, and also works well in lagers due to its delicate, slightly spicy aroma.

Country of Origin: U.K.

Substitutions: Fuggle, Willamette

Chemical Composition:
Alpha Acids:     4-7 %
Beta Acids:     1.9-2.8 %
Cohumulone:     28-32 %
Myrcene:     25 %
Humulene:     38-45 %
Caryophyllene:     12-16 %
Farnesene:     0.4% %
Total Oil:     0.4-1.0 %

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