For the Love of Hops (Stan Hieronymus)

For the Love of Hops (Stan Hieronymus)
For the Love of Hops (Stan Hieronymus)
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Stan Hieronymus' expertly crafted book about the hottest topic in the brewing world: hops! This is 321 pages of expertise in an easy-to-read and comprehensible format. Including a guide to 105 varieties of hops (some still in their experimental and limited-growth phase). This is the most thorough and current guide on the subject, a must-have for any brewer with even a remote interest in this fascinating plant.

With all the varieties of hops covered from around the globe, the author not only explains their basic flavour characteristics, but also goes deeper in to acid attributes, history, origins and specific style uses! He explains hop chemistry and the impact it can have upon your brew. Knowledge you can use to improve your brewing skill, consistency and enjoyment!

An extremely interesting book that will boost your understanding of one of the greatest ingredients in beer, as well as improve your ability to utilize them properly. In addition to the knowledge base on hops, Stan also provide 16 recipes from around the world, including some from top US craft breweries!

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