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The Fermentasaurus is now available for the first time in Canada, this unique conical PET fermenter is the first to be fully pressurizable up to 2.4 Bar working pressure. This conical is only possible thanks to the use of highly specialized PET grade plastic and the use of a new type of PET injection/blow moulding machine. 

Using crystal clear plastic allows homebrewers full view of the vessel and the ability to see the yeast in action. Easily dump yeast from the conical and clarify beer without needing to rack into another vessel. Cut down on unnecessary additional equipment and the risk of infection and oxidation by consolidating the fermenting, clarifying, and carbonation to one vessel. 

Another revolutionary aspect of the Fermentasaurus is that you can serve directly from it. Save money and time by using it as a keg. 

One key feature of the Fermentasaurus is that it gives homebrewers the ability to naturally carbonate their beer directly in the Fermentasaurus allowing for direct dispensing. Thus eliminating the need for additional carbonation in a keg or in bottles. 

Integrated into the Fermentasaurus is a sanitary butterfly valve with stainless gate. This butterfly valve has been designed so that no threads are immersed in liquid when the conical is in use. Doing so helps ensure that cleanup and sanitation isn't a hassle. 


  • A pressure rated 500ml yeast harvesting container. This handy container allows for saving your yeast for use in your next brew.
  • Airlock and lid. By default the Fermentasaurus is unpressurised, making it ideal for brewers who are not interested in carbonation.
  • An easy to use hose barb for dump port is also included. Use it to attach tubing or easily fill your bottles.


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