Weldless Mash King Bazooka Kit
Weldless Mash King Bazooka Kit
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Designed to be compatible with the Mash King brew kettle. 

Filtering the wort from the boiled hops is very crucial in the fermentation process. The presence of larger sediments may affect the fermentation process of the beer. Moreover, it will also create a cloudy beer which is something that you need to avoid. 

There are many ways of filtering the wort from the sediments and aside from using false bottoms or pickup tubes, a bazooka screen can be another option. There are many designs of bazooka screens that are available for home brewers. 

This weldless Mash King bazooka kit is made from 304-grade stainless steel construction. The mesh, measuring half an inch in diameter, is very fine thus it can prevent the sediments from getting in and mixing with the wort. It has a total length of 12 inches thus it can fit any brew kettle that has an inner diameter larger than 12 inches. 

It is ideally designed to be compatible with the Mash King brew kettle. It can be used to convert a Mash King brew kettle into a mash or lauter tun. It comes with 1/2" stainless steel BSP thread, clamp, and other accessories to easily install it on the brew kettle. 

To install the bazooka kit, a 7/8" hole needs to be drilled

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