Weldless Thermometer
Weldless Thermometer
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Weldless Thermometer with 3" Dial & 2" Probe - With this unit you will be able to upgrade any vessel and enjoy monitoring important temperatures from a distance or while multi-tasking, no more opening lids to check wort or mash temperatures! Install this weldless thermometer and keep an eye on things from the outside!

This 2 inch probe thermometer makes it the ideal thermometer for use a hot liquor tank or boil kettle. The 2 inch stem is much shorter than our 6 inch version, making it more suitable for vessels which use immersion heat exchangers. This is designed to work in both kettles or kegs! All stainless steel construction with fast response thermometer. Includes high temperature food grade silicone gaskets. 

For installation, simply drill a 1" hole in your vessel.

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